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« on: October 22, 2019, 11:53:07 AM »
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This is my first post as I have recently become interested in UAV for a research project I would like to conduct.

I have received prices for the commercial small UAVs and they have very large price differences. I nearly had a heart attack when I received a quote for a GateWing X100.

Therefore, based on the US$600 start-up that has been presented on this site I might give it a go to build my own.

:Why I need a UAV?:

I need to map relatively flat areas of approximately 2 km2 to obtain an accurate (within 15cm accuracy) ortho and Digital Surface Model (DSM) to analyse in CAD software. I have ground control points to improve my models.


>Fully automatic fly system (take-off by hand, auto fly a planned survey path, land). Also to include a back to base option. The areas where I need to survey are inaccessible by foot or vehicle so retrieving a plane if it fails will not be possible. I need good reliability.

>Range up to 5 km.

>Obtain a high quality aerial image of this area (seaminglessly joined from the multiple photos and georeferenced)

>Operate at flying altitudes of 200m above ground level at ground elevations of 5000 meters above sea level (I work in the mountains)

>Be able to fly and obtain good data at winds up to 50 km/hr

>Land on coarse gravel surfaces (no grass where I am)

>Ideally to have a flight duration of 1 hour or more.


>Why such a big price difference in the commercial systems when they all seem to do the same thing? Some of the expensive ones look like they will fall to bits in no time.

>The majority of the planes specified on this site for UAV development seem to be easily breakable on landing (EOP etc.). Are there planes that can skid land on gravel without damaging writing off the body or jeopardising the internal electronics?

>I have RC car knowledge and not planes. Can I buy an ARDUPilot and set it up manually?

>Can I include telemetry to see on board battery power and even modify the flight path while airbourne?

>Based on my requirements to use a UAV, what plane would be best that is durable and can hold all the required electronics?

Apologies for the many questions, but Iím new here and very keen to learn.

Thanks in advance

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Im Sandeep from Pune, India and work for SenseHawk Technologies Pvt Ltd (www.sensehawk.com). We do aerial mapping and solar plant inspections with Drones. We use DJI Phantoms for our mapping and inspection and they are the best and economical solution. The commercial drones you have seen are specially developed and utilise carbon fibre for all the structure and airframe. Also being developed inhouse and huge R&D costs make these systems very costly.

DJI has good solutions for mapping and you could look at their products like the Phantom 4 RTK. For flying in high winds the M600 is a good option.

Building a UAV is a not a good option and you will spend a lot of time. Unless you want to do it. As per my experience the DJI P4 are very robust, small and can be carried anywhere. Also they can be launched from anywhere with a good open place and operated single handed.

Use the Pix4d software for your mapping and all photos can be stitched.


Sandeep Bajare
Ph - 9175342600

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Keep calm and fly safe.

dji has some fantastic solutions as mentioned above.
they also have excellent software and that will help you if you dont have previous flying experience.

if you look at fixed wing aircraft.. the gemini v2, the skywalker , the MTD.. skyhunter are good choices.
but then you are stepping into actually flying and landing.

the safest bet is dji products. you might have to use them according to their potential and adapt to em

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