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« on: February 27, 2012, 01:06:07 PM »
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Sideways forever

Hello Everyone!

First of all, amazing job with the community  Salute , i am thrilled to join the Indian RC family.

I always was amazed by RC toys, but i never thought i would find so many RC hobbyists in India, so glad i did. Now that i have, i am not completely sure about which area to go for.

Let's talk about engines first, i am 99% sure i want to go for nitro engine, maybe petrol later on. I would love to work on my toy, and am eager to learn about maintainence, tuning etc. Not to mention, the speed, the smell and the noise.

However i am not sure whether i should go with planes or cars, i love them both equally. And I am not really worried about training with flying or the patience i would need initially.
Neither i am worried about the time and resources i will have to divert to my hobby, infact that is the point.  Tongue

But I would really want to go with the majority, I am located in New Delhi, I dont wanna drive/fly alone, also i live in south delhi, which is really congested. So we dont have a lot of open space for either hobby, I also dont like to gather crowd's attention(having a nitro engine here isnt gonna help either). So that means i would probably be flying/driving with private clubs.

How often do you guys fly/drive your toys? How do you practice and improve your RCing skills? I guess if i go with the nitro powered car, i wont be able to take it for a spin on, lets say, my roof due to noise? And i should forget planes unless i have access to a huge field, that is why i am more inclined towards cars, though eventually i might get into planes as well.

I believe, and i may be wrong, that planes will require larger fields and cars can probably be run in relatively smaller areas?
So lets say i go ahead and buy a new car, where will i be able to test it?

Maybe eventually we could get a racing circuit built somewhere, and do laps, and races, drifting etc, in smaller area?

So in all this rambling, i guess my question is, how do you get your fix of RCing? Where do you go, how frequently?

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Aviators make sure tht if u go up,u come back dwn!

U better go with 3 ch electric to start with ...
the reason being that one is bound to crash in the beginning one time or the other. Electric foamies are soft at flying and hard at times they land...u may end up breaking up a propeller or the cowl but the wings, fuselage are likely to remain intact. Foamies are easier to repair too with spares available readily.
U can shift to nitro - mayb secong plane onwards as nitro is hard in looks but soft wen it crashes. Plus, nitros are quite at rish wen they crash - I have seen an expert flier breaking 08 nitro kits in the beginning and yes, u need lots of time to assemble them too.
Get in touch with some experts and enjoy ur maiden flight in the open sky that would take the stress away.

P.S : I knw abt planes only, cars are still at bay 2 me!! Smiley 

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Don't wake a Tiger until you've factored the teeth

Contact the gang at Bhondsi, Gurgaon field. They are wonderful & helpful. Jamal is active on this site by the name of Ahmad, he will guide you fully. Gurgaon will be close to you from South Delhi. You could also go to Noida, Divay (also active on this site) can guide you

Good luck, and....fly!

Sanjay - Gravity is my enemy

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