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Title: Electric power setup for an air-boat
Post by: anwar on November 26, 2009, 06:23:53 PM
A newcomer to the forum asked via PM about power setup selection and availability for an air-boat.  I assume an "air-boat" is the type of boat that Sahil has built, with propulsion by pushing air back (instead of pushing water back as in conventional boats).

I suggested that the selection is based on

1. weight of the model

2. the dia of the prop that can be fixed on the model

With these two pieces of information, one can selection the appropriate pitch of the prop. The motor can then be selected based on KV rating for the prop and wattage based on weight of the model; and finally, the ESC can be selected based on motor selection.

Comments requested from others about using the above method of electric power system selection for an air-boat ? Did I miss anything ?

About availability, standard electric setups of motors, ESCs and props are available with many local hobby stores.

Title: Re: Electric power setup for an air-boat
Post by: sahilkit on November 28, 2009, 06:47:31 PM
the boats length to width ratio has to be 3:2

the rudders area will be 15-20% of the boat length

try to keep CG as low as possible aka motor high !

CG of the boat will at 1/3 from the boats power setup ( :headscratch:)

and use skids at the bottom of the boat (2 "L" aluminum channel in parallel)

that's all i can remember for now try rcgroups for much better info n stuff

enjoy !

PS: these are just rough values and remember the needs to float not sink (ideally it should just skim on water)