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Greetings to everyone!

After a long and involved development phase, we, at SPARC Robotics have finally come up with a frame which is truly awesome.

For the ones who do not know, the reveal of the frames started at a thread in the Sweepstakes Board, and we were delighted to see the response from the forum members.
Several frames were given away for testing and the winners will be putting up reviews soon.

We believe that our frames are awesome. Not because this is the best frame in the market, but because this will be a community driven product.
This is just the first iteration of the product, and there'll be many more.
The frames will have a rigorous and tight development cycle, meaning that new versions will come out in short intervals.

Here is a link to the discussion thread where people can put up their suggestions and subsequent versions of the frames will be showcased -

Here is the look at the very first version -

Preorder Now - 3D Printed 250 Size Quadcopter Frame - Manufactured in India

Preorder Now - 3D Printed 250 Size Quadcopter Frame - Manufactured in India

Preorder Now - 3D Printed 250 Size Quadcopter Frame - Manufactured in India

Preorder Now - 3D Printed 250 Size Quadcopter Frame - Manufactured in India

Preorder Now - 3D Printed 250 Size Quadcopter Frame - Manufactured in India

Since then, the frames have already been updated and allow the use of ZMR Plates and PDB's, to make them even more extensible.

Some key features of the frames are -
- High Quality ABS plastic to keep the weight as low as possible while still maintain strength.
- A compact and enclosed chassis to keep all the electronics protected from damage.
- Cuts all around the chassis for ventilation.
- Shell protectors for the motors have been built into the arms to save them from any damage.
- The integrated XT60 port at the back of the frame lets you easily plug and unplug your batteries while protecting the wires from strain.
- A GoPro/Yi mount is included to mount the camera at a 15 degree angle for fast forward flights.
- The use of ABS makes the frames really strong, but if you do break anything, replacements are available at minimum costs.
- The frame is extensible, you may purchase a longer set of arms and convert the frame into a 330 size frame which can accept bigger motors (30mm diameter) and run 8 inch propellers.
- Designed and Manufactured in India, by fellow forum members, that allows for fast after sales service and accelerated development.

This is how the frame will be priced -

1. Sparc 250 Frame - Rs. 1200 Introductory Price - Rs. 1000

The frames comes with -
1 x Bottom Plate
1 x Top Plate
4 x Arms (18MM / 22MM)
1 x Camera Mount

4 x M3 30MM screws
8 x M3 8MM Screws
4 x M3 Nuts
10 x ZipTies

Note : Please specify the type of arm you require while placing your order, 18MM for 18xx motors and 22MM for 22xx motors.

The frame will come with a two month warranty. If you break a part within the two months, we will replace the first part for free.
For any subsequent breaks, we will send a replacement and only charge Rs. 100.

2. 250 Arms - Rs. 150 for a pair / Rs. 250 for set of four
2. 320 Arms - Rs. 200 for a pair / Rs. 350 for set of four

Shipping Costs : Shipping cost for the frame is Rs. 100. For the arms is Rs. 50.

Note : A special offer for all the participants of the Sweepstakes, every participant will get free shipping on their first frame. Enjoy!

The frames are still being actively developed and are made in house. For this reason, the frames for the time being can be bought on a pre-order basis.
The frames will start shipping from the first week of November.
A list of the people who have ordered the frames will be maintained in the following spreadsheet, the frames will start shipping as and when they are ready.
Preorder List https://f4k3url/1rmDGv

Fellow Fliers - RcHubIndia

best regards


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hi, are these for sale now too ??
PM me with the details...

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