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Title: Motor buying advice
Post by: Nikhil06 on July 30, 2016, 04:00:14 PM
Planning on building a huge hexa , aerial photography mainly with good dslr, need help choosing the motors.

as it will be heavy , need good quality so i shortlisteed tiger motor and cobra motor
t motor is slightly costlier than cobras but is there any difference in the quality , customer service absolutely anything due to which cobra should be preferred?

Title: Re: Motor buying advice
Post by: Balakrishna Reddy on July 30, 2016, 05:47:19 PM
Customer service may be better but generally the motors are just a spinning parts which needs less or doesnt need any assistance from customer service team.
If ESCs are your problem, do you really want send it back to them at an expense of 10-15$ and wait for that to come.
It would be better to go for widely available motors so that in case if it need replacement you can change it quickly and need not wait for long time.
They are really expensive but are slightly more efficient may be 2-5% but I dont think you need to spend very much for that instead you can go for bigger motor from some other seller.
Suppose a cobra 3515 56$ has an efficiency of lets say 85% buy emax 4114 at 45$ which are more efficient .
Efficiency I mean is gm/watt ratio.