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« on: August 11, 2017, 05:53:32 AM »
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Hey fellas,

I am building my first quad. I have ordered several parts online since there are no LHS in my state or nearby that I know of. I have selected FlexyBee 250 as the LOS frame since it looks durable, also ordered a generic 250 carbon fibre frame from Aliexpress and planning to switch to FPV when it arrives, and Betaflight F3 as FC. For the motors, I had ordered "DYS BE1806-13 Brushless Motor for Multirotor 2300KV - 24g" from EdallHobby but it was on back order and I was told they're having issues with customs blah blah. So I ordered "ZMX Fusion X20 2300kv" from another site which was delivered yesterday. I already have with me Dshot 15A ESC's.

1) Will the "Dshot 15A ESC" work with the "ZMX Fusion X20 2300kv"? If not, how much Amp ESC do I need?
(Sorry to sound so noob, asking this since the Amp requirements was not mentioned in the product page of the motor and I can't find it anywhere. All I could find were thrust datas)

Secondly, I have already purchased "Orange 1300 mAh 3S 30C Li-Po" for my set up. Unfortunately, due to my intended motors becoming unavailable my whole calculation/hisap is FUBAR excuse my french. So...

2) Will my battery be sufficient to run my set up? I'm planning to add Runcam Swift v2 and an OK band changeable/switchable VTx in the near future. Please recommend me the most appropriate combination of mAh-No.of Cells-Discharge Rate for this.

Thank you.

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Hello Novas,

This is a 2205 size motor which is relatively power hungry to an 1806 size motor. Based on the numbers from the below link, I think even if you use 5030 propellers, these motors will definitely require more than 15A on 3S battery. 15A ESCs may not be sufficient for the motor.


Regarding the battery, even if we assume that the C rating is accurate enough, the rated current draw from the battery will be (1.3A x 30) = 39A for 4 motors together, which won't be theoretically sufficient.

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With your trust We grow !

1. Refer this page for thrust and amps data. You can realize that you need 30 Amps ESC

2. The Battery you have can supply you 1.3x30= 39 Amps which is not sufficient. You need higher C battery to supply you atleast 100 Amps like the battery below;

Please note some of the LHS are very friendly. You can ask question to them before placing the order and they will guide you properly.


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