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Title: International Flying Event Open to all Competent Flyers
Post by: FlyingKeith on November 21, 2012, 11:59:21 AM
Australia’s largest privately run Model Aircraft and Model Helicopters Event

RC Flyers from India have made a lot of visits to our web so Wayne and I would like to extend a special welcome to you to attend our event.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all confident model flyers and families for an action packed time.
This event is open to both club members and non club members. All participants will be covered by RC Flight Trainings Public Liability Insurance and our flying rules.

•   Family Event
•   Fun Flying
•   RC Aircraft
•   Control Line Aircraft
•   Helicopters
•   Quad Copters
•   Gliders

This event is base around the huge 6,600 acre farm and allowing families to have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend away. The camp area is exactly that and no aircraft or helicopter is allowed to be started or run in any form in the camping area.
For the non flying family members also offered

•   Fishing
•   Swimming
•   Boating
•   Bush walks
•   Relaxing round the lake
•   Sausage sizzles at the camping area from about 7am to late each day
•   Sausage sizzle at the flight lines during flying times
•   Cold drinks at the camp site
•   Cold drinks at the flight line

About the flying sites. This place is huge so we can locate people in different areas and all fly at the same time. This event is not an aerobatics competition but fun flying. We have the main runway of 25metres wide by 200 metres long and we have flown small and large aircraft off the runway without a problem
On Sunday afternoon we are looking at running a few of the fun bits and depending on numbers as to how long we allow.

1.   Limbo Flying
2.   Lolly drop
3.   Flour bombing on a target
4.   Spot Landing
5.   How many aircraft in the air at once
6.   How many aircraft hovering at once
7.   Combat - ribbon cut

Sunday night prize giving.

Plenty more information is available at www.RCFlightTraining.com.au (http://www.RCFlightTraining.com.au) and we are here to answer any questions inquiry@RCFlightTraining.com.au