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Title: RC Bazaar - Amazing response
Post by: K K Iyer on November 23, 2019, 12:26:28 PM
Last month I noticed a balsa kit for a Lucifer, a 75Ē span towline glider.
As Iíd wanted one since about 50 years ago (itís a 1957 design), I ordered it immediately.
The kit arrived in 3 days.
Noticed two things at once - excellent quality balsa and excellent laser cutting.
Later I realised that entire kit was made 3mm balsa, whereas wing sheeting, cap strips and tail parts should have been on 1.5mm sheets (3 out of 7 sheets)

I had mentioned this two days ago on Rai sahebís (sanjayrai55) build thread of his Tiger Moth kit from RC Bazaar.

Today morning I was really surprised to get a call from RCB Bangalore to tell me they are sending a fresh set of laser cut parts on three 1.5mm sheets.

This is REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. (Wonder how Sujju sir, the owner came to know!)

Six years ago, Iíd narrated on this forum that the 4s lipo that came with my Dynam Tiger Moth displayed only 3 cells. I phoned RCB Bangalore, and the very next day, no questions asked, they sent me a new 4s lipo!

Thank You, RCB.

Edit: A similar thank you note posted on my Lucifer thread in the Vintage & Old Timers forum of RCGoups.com too.

Title: Re: RC Bazaar - Amazing response
Post by: KALYANPRODHAN on November 23, 2019, 06:07:14 PM
Very happy to hear sir...
I expected  that it may happen, as It is RCBazaar...& Grate Sujju sir

Title: Re: RC Bazaar - Amazing response
Post by: sanjayrai55 on November 25, 2019, 06:31:59 AM
 :thumbsup:  good to hear