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Title: What are some common forms of rapid prototyping?
Post by: 3dtech on June 29, 2019, 10:19:37 AM
The most common forms of rapid prototyping are:

1. Laser stereolithography (SLA) 3d printing - when the object is grown in the fluidal photopolymer. The object gets dense under the influence of the ultraviolet laser.

2. SLS or Selective Laser Sintering. With this technology models are created in SLS printers. It has a lot in common with SLA, but raw material. It is not a fluidal photopolymer but the powder thermoplastic material. How it works: the powder gets heat to the high, close to melting temperature, levels off and, affected by the laser, the necessary contour is created on it. In the place where the beam touches the powder elements mold and sinter. 3d printing service kerala Uttar Pradesh delhi chhattisgarh kochi india

3. FDM 3d printing or Fused Deposition Modeling. The technology is patented by the company Stratasys. The prototype is made in the 3D printer out of different types of thermoplastic.