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Title: My introduction
Post by: polarisfan on February 05, 2012, 07:26:06 PM
Hello, and good afternoon from a very cold, (-4 degrees and 5 inches of snow) UK! I am not new to RC, but have not yet flown a mechanically (nitro or electric) powered plane. I have made quite a lot of planes from kits and also a few from Depron. I have always been fascinated by flight, birds or planes. As a boy I lived very close to Manchester airport and used to spend a lot of time just watching them taking off and landing. I am now 65 and still look at any plane overhead. I have made a few gliders and flown them, but without being able to control them, it just  isn't very interesting. I have just purchased an RC glider, evo Alula from dream-flight after seeing one flying. I must admit I am very exited getting it ready for its maiden flight. It's not quite the weather for it just yet, but will still give it a try when it is ready! I am now looking to join a local RC flying club to get some experience to fly some of my 17 planes which are just waiting around in various rooms.

Title: Re: My introduction
Post by: rcpilotacro on February 05, 2012, 08:01:40 PM
Welcome to RCIndia sir, here, meet another Alula fan, i am yet to lay my hands on one, will surely oneday, make and fly. all the best for your maiden, let us know how it went

Ideal time get away from the cold and come to India, choose your place and there are rc enthusiast there, there are no formalised clubs as such, but a lot of'em fly. if coming to shillong, Sandy (Sundaram) & i am there and couple of more guys who fly with us