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Title: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: KALYANPRODHAN on August 25, 2011, 05:51:36 AM

I think some of our forum members know PIC/Atmel programming very well.
 :help:I need their help. :help:
 Actually I want to make IR based indoor plane extremely small with 1s Batt. (90-200mAH LiPO/Li-Ion). And I want guideline from senior to quickstart like helloworld program or LED Blinking with uC (MicroController).
My thoughts :     (:|~
The electronics in the receiver side it should be IR Module, Microcontroller, Single transistor ESC and simple coil & magnet actuator instead of servo.

So, Microcontroller should :headscratch:
1. Lock with first 2/3 channel bit data for address as per microswitch channel selection in receiver (/PCB soldered joints to avoid switch weight) to listen data for it's own.

2. Single PWM Output for prop motor driving coreless motor with single transister buffer & freewhilling diode.

3. Just on off power to coils as per channel data for rudder & elevator.

4. Hold last state if link discontinues (Optical Isolation to overcome by travel).

So, a receiver approach may be
first sense data separator long gap,
Separate each channel data.
Check for it's address bit pattern for first 2/3 bit data.
If  yes, then check next bit width, compare max-min range and generate PWM waveform to channel1 (throttle) which drive Motor.
Next channel data should be checked for 1mSec or 2 mSec or 1.5mSec and so send forward/reverse/tristate data to 2 terminal (one compliment to another) for rudder / elevator and / or Aileron control.

This should be done using smallest SMD 8/14 pin uC.

Materials in plane.
1. Battery => single cell.
2. Single transistor & Diode for ESC.
3. Micro Motor, Prop.
4. Magnet & micro coils as actuator (direct drive from uC) with on/off control only.
5. power switch (and address combination switches too if required).

I have learned uP programming well earlier and uc a little bit (microcontroller and FPGA also). But don't aware to make programmer (serial based DIY or purchased, through computer, loading/burning)  :banghead:  :banghead: and available PICs or similar atmel products that serve the purpose. :banghead:

As the throttle only be linear, Making own Tx with cabinet wont be a problem with electronics.
So, I need an IC with lesser weight, small SIL/DIL SMD package, with that much programming option.

Therefore I need the guideline to select the IC (microcontroller/FPGA/whatever required) with burning process with the programming code.

 :hatsoff: Awaiting for your response to help me. :hatsoff:.

Thanking you in advance.

Kalyan Prodhan (kalyanprodhan@gmail.com)

Title: Re: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: sahilkit on August 25, 2011, 10:28:38 PM
please go through below links



Title: Re: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: sahilkit on August 25, 2011, 10:31:11 PM
for PIC or AVR programmers please visit roboticsindia.com
one should easily find help,info etc from above site

Title: Re: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: VC on August 25, 2011, 11:00:53 PM
Sahilkit, my trusted friend, it is really very good to see you back in action after a long hiatus. Please don't keep disappearing this way.


Title: Re: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: KALYANPRODHAN on August 26, 2011, 12:05:06 AM

At first Great Thanks for reply.

Actually I have inspired with the link earlier of toko's site and earlier posted by me in this forum. But while going through, I have found that our market is not so much enriched. But the available items are relatively cheap than even roboticsindia.

Again, the microcontroller weight with programming capacity is the main criteria that should be available in our country with programming kit too. So, the current market idea about Indian market with cost is required and ATMega 8/16/32 are not suitable for it's weight and here, smd lightweight uC with minimum PIN is required (8-14). So, I need the guideline that which IC is suitable and I need to program.

Thanks for your reply.

Title: Re: Help needed to select electronics.
Post by: sahilkit on August 26, 2011, 10:42:51 AM
12C508A,12C509A,12F675,12F683 etc are available in SMD,DIP packages, best place for u to easily source PIC is buying directly from Microchip website! order pickit3 or pickit2 ICSP programmer along with the IC's (i'm using pickit3) and as far as customs is concerned everything is taken care by them per-calculated and paid at the time of checkout ! landing time less than a week