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Title: Thunder Tiger Innovator Expert - Changing from Mode 2 to Mode 1
Post by: anwar on May 01, 2010, 12:02:45 PM
Our fellow member "prakkat" recently got one of the new generation Innovator Expert heli.  The Innovator series is very unique so far in the heli world, and seems to indicate that Thunder Tiger can still innovate !  There are two helis in the Innovator (http://www.innovator-rc.com) series, an MD-530 for scale flying, and an Expert for 3D flying.

This heli comes with a Thunder Tiger proprietary 2.4Ghz system, and a unique "auto setup".  You can see the binding and setup procedure in the video below.


It is freaking to see all the servos move to the ends and figure out the endpoints etc.  And they come with features like governors as default.

Anyway, the heli was originally mode 2, and someone had helped (or attempted) to change it to mode 1.  But after that the heli would never arm.  After some tinkering, I figured out that the sticks had been switched, but that had resulted in the physical reversal of the elevator and throttle channels in mode 1.  Unlike other radios, I could not find any software or hardware (plugs that can be reversed etc) support for mode change on the internet, so had to physically reverse the two pots the soldering iron way. 

Unique battery connection, unique 3 in 1 servos, unique (and proprietary) everything :giggle:

Could not test fly it myself, as it was never mode 2 in my hands :(