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« on: June 16, 2024, 09:46:09 PM »
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Hi All,

Yesterday I was flying my 60 size Glow powered Low winger model, and when I was aligning for an approach to land, I felt that the idle power was high and hence reached out to the throttle trim button to reduce the power further down. But to my surprise the digital trim button was struck and it was not working. Tried several times and still nothing changed. And finally I had to abandon the powered landing and continued to fly the model till the fuel got over and the landed as dead stick.

On examining the transmitter after landing still the digital trim for throttle was struck (no contacts) and was not moving in either direction. This radio is around 14 years old and the micro switches for the digital trim has lost contact and hence the issue.

I had couple of options to tackle this issue.

1. Is to reach out to the PCB board and replace the micro switches (which requires de-soldering and re-soldering and takes good amount of time as well)

2. Second option was to reach out to the microswitches and clean them with WD 40 solution (learnt it from a You Tube site for maintaining Hi Fi Audio Systems and tried it with my audio system as well - and
    it worked good for my audio system)

So ended up opening the Transmitter from the front side to reach the switch panel and applied WD 40 to all the eight micro switches and kept engaging the switch for around 50 to 60 times so that the WD 40 would spread across the contact areas and would clean them.

And then cleaned the entire area with a dry cloth and ensured no visible presence of WD 40 on the panel and re-assembled the switch panel and fitted them back on the transmitter.

Finally, when I switched on the transmitter & checked all the digital trims, they were working like butter smooth.

All is well that ends well. Grin

P.S : Pictures attached for your reference.

Trim 1.jpg
T6 Ex Radio - Digital Trim Issue
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Happens with older radios if not kept in dust free environment. My JR radio also had similar problem and could not even reverse a servo or get into programming.
Ultimately gave to a friend and he replaced the switches and now working fine.


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